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Sun Enterprise is a concern established in the year 1986 initially engaged in the manufacture of Machines & Spares, Jigs & Fixtures, Tools & Gauges etc.

Later from the years 1995 & 2005 we moreover entered in the manufacture of Indexing Clutches & Backstops respectively. In the mean time we have proved our products to be totally dependable at the application ends in consideration of the related quality strictures and as a result have received pleasant Customers satisfaction.
We also produce Centrifugal Clutches, Cone Clamping Clutches and Ratchet Roller Clutches according to Customer’s Drawings & Specification.

Products : Freewheel Clutches used for Indexing, Overrunning & Backstopping applications.

Indexing & Overrunning Clutches are introduced as 'SUN UNIROTATIONAL CLUTCHES ’ and Backstopping Clutches are introduced as 'SUN BACKSTOPS’.

Name: N.C. Datta.
Mobile: 94330 33573
Address: 12A, Nirode Behari Mallick Road,
Kolkata - 700 006, India.

Telefax: 91 33 2351 3573
E-mail: sun.en@rediffmail.com
Website: www.sunen.co.in