Sun Unirotational Clutches

(A) SUN UNIROTATIONAL CLUTCHES are distinct types of One-Way Clutches uniquely designed to achieve the best performance when used for Indexing & Overrunning applications.

These Clutches are produced in the following two types :

1. Inner Race Freerunning type classified as Model : FI and
2. Outer Race Freerunning type classified as Model : FO

In both the types the Clutch engage in one direction of rotation only and freerun in the reverse direction relatively considering either the Inner Race or the Outer Race is functioning as a driving member. So motion may be transmitted from any race to the other in both the type of Clutches.

FI types are preferably used when motion is required to be transmitted from the Inner Race to the Outer Race and the Inner Race is subjected to freerun within the Outer Race where the later remains stationary. Similarly FO types are used for the reverse way of transmissions where the Outer Race is subjected to freerun on the Inner Race where the same remains stationary.

These Clutches are used for definite intermittent linear feeding of jobs in different indexing applications like Thermoforming Machines, Polybag Sealing & Cutting Machines, Printing Machines etc and also in dual speed drive applications to meet optionally engaging & overrunning needs.